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August: Review 5-Year Plan

August 4,5,8,9: Staff returns. On Site Teacher Training

August 11: Open House for all families 9:30-12pm

August 16:  First Day of Classes

Aug 16-19: Readiness Tests Administered - K-8, Math and English

Late August: Cognia Survey #1 Perception Survey/Readiness - (Families, Teachers, Students), 

Monitoring Assessment Form A and Literature Baseline Assessment 

August: ACT/SAT Seniors


Week of September 5: Graduation Class of 2023 Planning with parents

Week of September 5: Back to School Night via Zoom

Late Sept: Cognia Survey #2 Student Engagement Survey

September: ACT/SAT Seniors


October 7:  Quarter 1 Ends (43)

October 10: Quarter 2 Begins

Week of October 10: Parent Teacher Conferences

October 12: Grades 3-8 Sea Turtle Field Trip to Punta Chame

Before Oct 14: Teacher Observations, Eleot #1

Late October: Survey 3: Inventory Survey (Staff and Student) 

October: ACT/SAT Seniors

October 28th: School Wide Costume Party

October 31-Nov 4: No School



October 31- November 4: Mix of Public Holidays & Teacher Training/No School

November 10: Panama Holiday/No School

November 11: Grades 3-5 Community Service, Beach Cleanup

November 24, 25:  Teacher Training/No School

November 28: Panama Holiday/No School

November: ACT/SAT Seniors


December 5-9: Formal Teacher Observations #1 and Eleot

December 8: No School, Mother's Day Observed

December 9: School Presentation 8:30-11:30am PK-Grade 6, 7/8 Optional

December 12-16: Mid-Year Exams

December 21: Quarter 2 Ends (43)

December 22-January 13: Mid-Year Break

December: ACT/SAT Juniors


January 16:  Classes Resume/Quarter 3 Begins

January 16-20: Meetings with Grade 9,10, 11, 12 students. Review transcripts and academic plans.

January 24: Graduation Meeting Class of 2023 with parents

Late January: Mid-Year Tests Administered, Monitoring Assessment Form B and Literature Mid-Year Assessment 

January: ACT/SAT Juniors


February 13-17: Survey 4 Climate and Culture Survey, Informal Observations and Eleot

February 20-24: Carnival/No School

February: ACT/SAT Juniors


March 1: Registration opens to returning families for 2021-2022 school year

March 14: Meeting with Grade 8 students and families

March 24: Q3 Ends (43)

March 27: Q4 Begins

March 31: Deadline to register for returning families

March: ACT/SAT Juniors


April 1: Registration opens for new families for 2022-2023 school year

April 3: High School Due Date for choosing electives 

April 3-7: Semana Santa/No School

April 24-28: Formal Teacher Observations #2 and Eleot

April: ACT/SAT Juniors


May 1: Panama Labor Day/No School

May 11: AP EXAMS (TBD)

May 18: Last day of school for Seniors


May 22-26: End of Year Assessments, Monitoring Assessment Form C and Literature End-Year Assessment 

May 30: Last day of learning/Quarter 4 Ends (42)

May 31: School Closing Program

May: ACT/SAT Juniors


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