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Preparing for the Future


As we prepare our kids for the future, Five Stars Academy is revising the traditional model of education through our thought processes, our projects, the way we use technology, our hand-picked curriculum, our forward-thinking, highly motivated instructors, and our willingness to look at challenges from all angles. We guide, lead, and partner with each of our students to tap into a student’s innate love of learning.

Old-fashioned instructional models place the emphasis almost entirely on one component of the school experience: course content and schoolwork. While these are key components to a valuable education, we believe that education should provide opportunities for students to learn self-sufficiency, develop leadership skills, and understand the impact they can have on their surroundings.

We will continue to challenge the “rules” according to the standardized education models. We will forge our own path, realigning and reassessing each step of the way to help our kids become the true leaders of tomorrow. This world is changing very quickly and we have the opportunity to build a forward-thinking, progressive model of education through:

Academic Skills and Knowledge

Our core academic curriculum integrates best practices from schools around the world, with special consideration for what is required by the education codes and college entrance exams throughout the world. Life Skills— something most schools give minimal attention to—are integrated into the curriculum as well.

Community Service

Experiencing different cultures changes and deepens students’ views of their surroundings and of the world. Our students are provided the opportunity to participate in community service through our partnership with JLM Foundation.  Activities include building homes and offering camps for economically disadvantaged children throughout Panama and Latin America and Caribbean nations.  

Language Learning

Our Spanish language program ensures that all students graduate with a level of written and spoken proficiency.  We began our French program during the 2018-2019 school year.  Additional languages can be offered depending upon the students' requests.

Community School and Personalization

Five Stars Academy is a community school that offers a personalized education to empower students as partners in their learning. A crucial early step is knowing every child well. Caring, connected instructors guide students through all stages of their academic and extracurricular lives.  We work closely with families, and encourage their active participation in Five Stars Academy, to bring the best out of each of our students.

Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning connects mastery to inquiry, making learning more permanent. Throughout their education, students will explore significant questions and problems, take ideas from concept to product, learn from mistakes and miscalculations,  and realize the importance of flexibility and adaptation.

College Placement 

From course choice, to preparing for entrance exams, to meeting with university representatives, Five Stars Academy works with each student and family to develop a plan that best meets their needs for higher education.

Earth Connection 

As part of daily life at Five Stars Academy, our students are connected with the Earth and all the beauty it has to offer.  Students care for the animals, learn to grow fruits and herbs in our garden, understand how to use plants on the property as a source of health and repair.  They live the life of reduce, reuse, recycle every day by attending class in recycled shipping containers.  They have ongoing projects, such as using old parts to create energy sources that can be used to power lights at Five Stars Academy or provided to families in the mountains who have no electrical source.

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