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As one of Five Stars Academy's core values, service is an integral part of the student experience.  Community service is often done as an entire school, involving students, teachers and many parents.  Service includes building homes in the mountains, beach cleanups and supporting the Boys House of Hope and the Girls House of Hope in Penonome, Panama. Representing Five Stars Academy, our students have traveled to Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua to assist in managing day camps and feeding more than 500 children in each location.  Through service, our students grow in an awareness of the cultural and social differences that make each community unique while learning humility, joy and respect.

JLM Christian Foundation

Five Stars Academy has built a closer partnership with  JLM Christian Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit organization founded by Marie-Claire Beauvil, referred to as "MC" by friends and colleagues.  The JLM Foundation is located in the beautiful city of Penonome, Cocle, Panama with offices located in Philadelphia, PA in the U.S. as well.  


Since its inception in 2009, The JLM Foundation has embodied its founder's passion to offer children around the world a solid academic education, a healthy learning environment, nourishing food, and strong spiritual principles to live by.  At The JLM Foundation, we believe today’s neglected or abandoned children and youth can be tomorrow’s upstanding men and women who will change their surroundings and ultimately the world. We are committed to serving and nurturing them by providing a stable and caring home while meeting their educational, medical, emotional and social needs in preparation to leading a fulfilling and a productive life.

Giving Back

Marie Claire Beauvil

Founder, JLM Christian Foundation


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