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3 and 5 lines POETRY
Haiku/Tanka + Limerick

Posted March 18, 2014


Haiku – Julien

Old dog, O wise one

How terrible you look, ouch

Farewell my good friend

Added by Max to form Tanka

One little drop on the dog

Rehydrates its poor statement


Limerick – Julien

There once was a couple of rats

Who spoke to a bunch of bats

When one heard shrieking

Of a human screeching

"Go get me the baseball bats!"


Limerick - Ryan
There once was a dumb, yet pretty dove
And he wondered what was up above
He flew into outer space
Then he thought that he could pace
He exploded with passionate love


Haiku#2 - Ryan
A flower grows tall
Waiting for winter to come
Alas it will fall

Added by Ayla to form Tanka
And wilt from the dark coldness
Its petals will rest on snow

Haiku #1- Ryan
Ducks leave for away
Somewhere they might not be seen
But they will come back


Haiku#1 - Ayla
Deer pass through shadow,
in a forest of darkness
then they come to light
              Lines added by Ryan to form Tanka

coming out hiding nothing
saying truthfulness is great

Haiku#2 - Ayla
The ocean is still,
but a wave comes rolling in,
then it hits a cliff

Haiku#3 - Ayla
Bunches of bright stars,
shine together in the night,
never do they part

Limerick - Ayla
There once was a magnificent horse
who ran a thousand mile-long course,
on its way it fell asleep
as it slept it smelt some treat,
woke to see pie, and ran to it with force!

Haiku#1 - Camille 
Feeling the wind on,
By always moving one foot,
It's so great to don't.

Tanka#1 - Camille 
Sometimes you just fall,
Because of other people
Or because of you
But like this you learn 
So stand up and continue.

Tanka#2 - Camille 
It's bad for your teeth
And also bad for your health
But when you eat it, 
You are so happy, dancing
More when you are a child.

Limerick#1 – Camille
A mouse is at a party,
With lots of friends and family,
But when the cat comes, 
Everybody runs.
So when the cat leaves, let's party


Haiku- Lucas
One little lice lice
Sends toxins to others
Poof! His house is gone

Limerick- Lucas
There once was a dreadful dragon
Living inside a huge wagon
A warrior comes in
And asks for the bin
The dragon, instead, sprays with baygon


Haiku – Max

O sad old friend
Why did you have to die
I will miss you so

Added by Camila to form Tanka
Time will pass I won't forget
You will always be in my heart


Limerick – Max
There once Was a wingless fly
Who thought that he could fly
When people told him "no"
He called them a big toe
Jumped off a cliff and died


Haiku#1 - Lila

Climb the tree,no fear
of falling.At the top per-
fect view,no regrets.

Added to form Tanka - Lula
But not enough confidence
now here comes the storm.
Haiku#2 - Lila
The sky gets dark.The
storm rolls in lightning, rain, fear
get inside, rain, why?

Added to form Tanka - Lila
Things always happen for a
tough reason.Thats why.

Limerick #1- Lila
There once was a moose with a moostache,
 this moose had a bucket of cash,
 he ate it all up ,
 and burped up a cup,
 so then he put his cash in a stache.

Limerick#2 – Lila
There once was a fish with a book,
it got caught by a little red hook,
he wondered why it was red,
then he was d(r)eadfully dead,
so, kids, don't be a fish with a book.


Haiku - Noah
There are wild flowers,
Floosh! The flowers are gone now!
But there are still more!


There was a bird in the forest
he married with the woman smallest
he’d surprises for her
so she made a big supper
using eggs from the bird's big grass nest


Haiku - Tomas    

Running through soft grass,
Was doing piggy back ride.
Fell down, Clack! Hard grass.

Added to form Tanka - Lula

But I will get up again.
No matter what they say

Haiku#1 – Alana
Beautiful forest...
What lives in you is changing.
Hard to adore you know.

Haiku #2 - Alana
An ocean is big.
Too big for me to swim fast!

How will I catch up?

Haiku#3 - Alana
Beautiful island.
I wonder if you will change.
Hmm, I wonder if...
               Added to form Tanka

I have seen the ocean and.
It is ready for a storm.


Limerick - Alana
There was once a dragon named Bart
When angry set fire to a cart
The cart set to flames
Carried royal dames
The singed dames blamed Bart and his fart


Haiku#1 – Catalina

Flowers grow and bloom,
The wind is gentle and calm,
Birds are singing


Limerick – Catalina
There once was a man with a beard,
Another man thought he was weird,
Then the other men heard,
They thought he was a bird,
But he said his water was beered

Haiku#2 - Catalina

Climb the mountain
Don't be scared of falling down
The trees will catch you
        Added to form Tanka
Although they also scratch, bruise
Hurting you as you break them

Limerick - Valerie
There once was a girl named Valerie!
She had a friend named Palorie!
Who got sick and died.
Valerie was sad and cried
But soon met a girl named Galorie!


Haiku#1 – Sarah

Dark and lonelier

sometimes good and sometimes bad

quiet and dark world

            Added by Camila to form a tanka

the cloud uncovers the sun

birds come out and fly with you


Dark and lonelier

sometimes good and sometimes bad

quiet and dark world

            Added by Camille  to form a tanka

you have to protect yourself

but don’t be antisocial


Haiku#2 – Sarah

Surfing feels good

like you can rule the world

to me surf is life

            Added by Camila to form a tanka

Darkness comes, destroys your dream

Oh, I am so sorry dear.


Limerick – Sarah

There once was a girl who wanted to fly

Jumping from airplanes were things she would try

One day she said to herself

“I will fly even if I cry”

She jumped from that airplane; this time goodby.


Haiku #1 - Edwin       

What a sad night-day
Is my grandpa's funeral
We started to cry.


Tanka #1 - Edwin        

Two guys play soccer
Each promised if he died
He would remember
To send a messages on what
 Is happening in heaven.

Limerick #1 - Edwin    

There once was a dog with a big smile
That was thinking about a crocodile
 So he decided to draw him
But the dog couldn't  draw grim
He got so mad that he never smile


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